Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Elder Sanders

My little brother Shane has been serving his mission in Durant Oklahoma for the last five weeks. Durant is less than an hour from us and Michael is there quite often for work. It is against the rules for us to go and visit him, so we have made no effort to. When Michael and his co-worker were finished at the heart clinic today, they went to Chili's for a late lunch (it was about 2:30pm). Someone came up behind him and said "fancy seeing you here". We were a little disappointed that he wasn't in his shirt, tie, and name tag for the picture, but he had just been helping a member building a shed and the member took them to lunch. They had a nice visit then it was back to work.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

any guesses???

See if you can find Michael...and guess who he is supposed to be. I came up with his costume about a half an hour before our ward party, and somehow glued the stash together. The shirt and the looks are authentic. I will give the younger generation a clue...Tom Selleck. Come on it must be coming to some of you...

He won one of three prizes for best costume in this group. One of the judges thought he was creepy because she didn't know who he was supposed to be.

We also won the prize for best trunk for the trunk-or-treat. Obviously no one else even tried, because I didn't think I had done much. For those of you young'ns who still don't know who Michael was you should google Magnum PI.

Happy Halloween!

Cutest little penguin ever!!!