Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oklahoma Highlights

We are partially back to Utah now. Michael's manager needed him back here asap, so we packed up two cars worth, packed the rest into the garage, and headed out to Michael's parents basement until we can sell our house and buy one here. We are excited to be back near family but it was very hard to leave our ward and friends in Ardmore. Here are some highlights from our year in Oklahoma!
The only snow of the winter, in January. We miss you First Home, wish we could have hauled you out here.
Our ward Halloween party and Trunk or Treat

Our awesome back yard!

Baby tarantula. Wish we would have gotten a picture
of their migration across the farm roads

Our trip to Lake Murray.

Our trip to the Alamo and Schlitterbahn water park with the Masons

Playgroup trip to the zoo with Bryson, J.D., and Nathan

Yep that is bologna. You won't find many vegetarians out in these here parts.

Turner Falls. We went a little late in the season and the water was a little cold. Just down the path from the falls swimming area is "The Castle", not medieval, but not clear on what it is.

We won't forget the Arbuckle Wilderness!

Plenty of sun for swimming all spring, summer, and fall.
Michael and Halie's trip to Mexico in June with Danny and Deja Young.

Oklahoma City Memorial

Our neighbor and Adrienne's best friend Sam Wells.

Adrienne's friend Lincoln, who moved back to Utah in May

Fire ant attack

Our trip to the Gainsville, Texas Zoo
We miss you Oklahoma!


Jen said...

Yea for pictures! Your daughter is getting so big! AND congrats on your little one on the way!!!!
Miss you guys!

Brandi, Roudy, and Presley said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun it's hard to leave.... I like that you updated, and I guess there's another baby on the way so Congratulations is in order....

Mel said...

So, where at in UT will you be? Sounds like a trend for your family.

Sara Hadlow said...

welcome back, we're glad to have you guys close again!